Change That Doesn’t Jingle in Your Pocket

“If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.” (Amy Tan)

Life is change. Change is a fact of life. No, change is life.

This week things changed at my yoga studio. Not my studio, but the studio where I practice. Many people have not been happy with the change. Why? Because basically nobody likes change.

Mark Twain has been attributed as saying something to the effect that the only thing that likes change is a wet baby. True enough.I90BFnYh

The members at my yoga studio don’t like change. The people I have worked with in the church don’t like it. People think that Gavin and I are crazy because we physically move everything we own every couple of years to follow his call to do interim ministry. I’ve often said that the only constant in our lives is change.

Maybe it’s the one thing about which I’m really an expert.

Or not. Not really. I may experience more self-imposed change than the average person, but I know that I can be just as bad at accepting change as the next person. My frame of reference is just a little different.

I don’t like it when my stuff gets moved. (Primarily, I don’t like when my spouse puts my things away without my knowledge or permission.) I don’t like feeling rushed from one thing to the next, especially when that happens because an appointment got moved – something that was beyond my control. I don’t like any change that makes me feel like I am less in control.

I think that’s why most of us don’t like change. It’s been said that we don’t dislike change, as much as we grieve the loss that comes with that change. For me, it’s control. I at least like the illusion of being in control of my life and my schedule and my work.

But the key word there is illusion. Any control I have, or I think I have is really just an illusion, albeit one that brings me great comfort.

That’s what I’m working on through my yoga practice. Giving up control of what happens next by focusing on what is happening right now. Breathing, right now. Holding down dog for what might seem like an eternity – for right now.

Because now is the only reality that any of us ever gets. Our past is memory – and we pray that our memories are sweet and good and inform our present. Our future is not yet here – and despite our best efforts, the future will always be just beyond our grasp. Today is the present, the gift of now.

Time to go to yoga.

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