Day 112: Celebrate Mother Earth.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” – Diane Mariechild

I don’t think it’s an accident that nature is described as a mother.

Mother Nature, Mother Earth, the earth is defined as a woman — a woman with the power to create, procreate, give life, transform. The one which brings forth new life. The Earth portrayed as our mother.


As women, I think, we often do not see ourselves in the starring role — we go through life very often as the best supporting actor — to our husbands, fathers, children, bosses. We’ve been told we have to “lean in,” work harder, be better, and too often that is incompatible with being a mom…and a spouse.

So we choose. We choose the mommy track, or not. We choose the career track or not. We choose the spouse track, or not. We have to choose. Or others will choose for us.

Regardless of whether the choice is ours, or not ours, we always get to choose how we respond. And more often than not, we choose life — we choose to care about our children and our spouse, we choose to care for the earth and our society. We choose to make less to live more, or make more to give more. We are the full circle. We choose, and we choose and we choose — over and over and over again — to be life-giving and life-affirming and life-preserving.

Not all women, of course. We celebrate those who make the difficult choice to leave children and husband to create life and career in all it’s forms. But those are hard choices for us, even when we tell ourselves that they are not.

So on this earth day, here is to Mother Earth, and all her sisters — those who create and transform and challenge us to be better and stronger and more compassionate and loving. To choose life and love and happiness despite the costs. To choose to breathe deeply and write passionately and love unconditionally.